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GenAI Awards

An online competition for software-defined vehicle solutions.

About the GenAI Awards

Welcome to the GenAI Awards! Join us to harness the power of GenAI for the software-defined vehicle (SDV). Win the GenAI award by participating in our quarterly competitions. We are looking for novel ways to apply multimodel GenAI to create visually rich, SDV-enabled prototypes and solution sketches.

All you need is a GenAI driven SDV idea and a GitHub account to access our web-based prototyping environment: the playground - powered by Eclipse SDV autoworx. 

And participation pays off: win up to € 5,000! Each quarter, the best team wins € 2,000. In the final showdown between the 3 best teams, another € 3,000 can be won – so € 5,000 in total for the best team after three rounds.

The community and all participating partners - AWS, Bosch, ETAS, thoughtworks, Eclipse Foundation, Steinbeis, and the Bosch Startup Harbour - are looking forward to your ideas.

Submit your idea

All you need is a Github account. 

Who can participate?

This competition is open for everyone* with ideas for innovative generative AI models enabling software-defined vehicle solutions. Whether you're a student or an experienced developer, an individual or a team, the GenAI Awards welcome all pioneers ready to shape the future of the automotive industry. Submit your idea and become an integral part of our community.

*To ensure a fair competition, we can only consider ideas from individuals, who are not employed by one of our partners.

How to participate?

Ready to join the competition and showcase your innovative solution? Fantastic!


  1. Submit your AI model to the marketplace (see guideline) and manage or update its version there.

  2. Apply and test your GenAI model from the marketplace on the to see the results.


When submitting your final solution, remember our quarterly submission deadlines:

Competition Round #1: 

Mar 1 -  May 31

Competition Round #2: 

Jun 1 -  August 31

Competition Round #3: 

Sep 1 -  Nov 31

The roadmap


3 phases of the GenAI competition.

Winning criteria & announcement


We're seeking solutions that stand out, combining technical prowess but also showcase innovation and creativity.

At the end of each competition round, our jury will evaluate all AI models submitted and select the most outstanding solution.


Winners will be announced one month after each competition round’s closure.

The winner of each competition round will be notified by email and the grand prize of € 2,000. After 3 rounds, the 3 winning contenders can compete for another € 3,000. So: you can win a grand total of € 5,000.  Additionally, the winners will be spotlighted via the LinkedIn channel.


Community Engagement

All solutions submitted become part of our playground (powered by Eclipse SDV autoworx), creating a dynamic resource for the community. Join us in fostering collaboration and sharing insights to drive the automotive industry forward. Apply for the GenAI Awards and be a catalyst for change!

Our contributors

Logo Bosch Startup Harbour

Our innovation is driven through the contribution and collaboration of the community. Therefore, a big thanks goes to our partners, who contribute to this competition and the playground with tools, expertise, methods and much more. 


Do you have questions?

Send us an e-mail.

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