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SDV sessions live & on-demand.

Webinar on software-defined vehicles 

The digital vehicle experience is quickly emerging as a key differentiator for OEMs. But what do we really need to meet the customer demand? How to speed up development cycles? What can we learn from the internet and smart phone industry?

Let's take a look behind the scenes. We are inviting automotive industry experts, innovators, thought leaders, tech-experts, developers and the community to join us in SDV Unplugged sessions and SDV Meetups.

Register now and join us for an insightful journey into the future of automotive technology!

Webinar overview

Check out the webinars below and use the filters to look for live & on-demand sessions.

You cannot make it to one or the other session? No worries – every session will be recorded.
Therefore, register anyway to get access to the videos and to get notified on new sessions.

SDV Unplugged

In our SDV Unplugged Sessions we are inviting industry experts to ask critical questions about latest trends in the automotive industry. Join the next Unplugged Session hear what industry leaders have to say and address your questions to the experts. Meetup

Our Meetup is the digital get together of our community. We are working on current projects, talk about latest research topics and discuss automotive trends. Join our meetups to meet the members of the community and contribute to new SDV ideas.


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