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tool chain

Digital tools for interoperability along the SDV tool chain.

The open tool chain
for software-defined vehicle

One of our goals is to support an open tool chain for development of the software-defined vehicle (SDV). Most OEMs will need to implement a best-of-breed tool chain with tools from different specialist tool vendors for different purposes: from prototyping and simulation over CI/CD to operations support and monitoring. In this game, interoperability is key. 

Traditional OEM development processes and value streams are often focused on hardware engineering in combination with deeply embedded, safety-critical features. The software-defined vehicle will require an additional value-stream, which plays by different rules, supporting agile development, post-SOP updates for non-safety critical features. This new, digital value stream is moving at a different speed, compared to the traditional, physical value stream. Both value streams require different methods and tools. They need to be loosely coupled, with standardized interfaces to ensure interoperability on the tool-level as well as the runtime level. Hardware abstraction and related standards are playing an important role here. following the digital and the physical value stream.

The two value streams for software-defined vehicle solutions.

The physical value stream continues to be managed by methods like the V-model (especially important for verification and validation of functional safety-related components), in combination with Model-based Sytems Engineering (MBSE).

The digital value stream is utilizing best practices from the agile world like DevOps.

Both value streams utilize different tools: from requirements management to modeling, development and testing. Therefore, we take best of the digital and the physical value stream to support OEMs in building industry-leading toolchains.


Our open and web-based prototyping environment


Experience our virtual reality environment


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proof-of-concept hardware

SDV inter::op 

With the SDV inter::op initiative, we focus on interoperability along the tool chain. Therefore, the first step is to identify relevant SDV standards. The second step is to build an ecosystem of committed tool vendors along the SDV value chain. 

Since it will be impossible to capture all standards and different types of tools from the beginning, we started with a very use case driven approach: creating inter::op proof points for specific use cases.

The long term goal will be to formalize our work and eventually deliver a more complete inter::op test suite.

Get the details on SDV inter::op 

We have documented the current work status as well as proof points in our wiki. Check it out to get the details. 

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