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The playground

an open and web-based prototyping environment

Virtual exploration with the


Our open and web-based prototyping environment: the playground

The is an open and web-based prototyping environment to develop SDV solutions. It is Python based, which allows standardized language bindings and ensures compatibility with SDV development tools, such as Eclipse Velocitas. We are currently working on a beta version and everyone with a GitHub account can access it for free. The playground will be an Eclipse project soon. 


Within the we provide the following features: 

  • Rapid, cloud-based prototyping without custom set-up and installation

  • Fast and efficient validation of new digital vehicle features, including UX testing and user feedback management

  • From simple sandbox tests to advanced tests with custom backends and simulation-based test data generation

  • High-level of re-use through our open project library

  • Support for industry standards, e.g. COVESA VSS singnal2service vehicle APIs 

Industry Partners

Standards & Open Source

Academic Partners


Access the playground

Everyone can access our sandbox for free. All you need is a GitHub account.

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