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Welcome to the #autoverse:

an immersive software - defined vehicle testing experience

Introducing the is a blueprint for the #autoverse, avirtual reality environment for SDV-enabled vehicle features. It’s powered by Bosch Digital, Bosch Global Software Technologies, Dassault Systèmes and Testbirds – designed to virtualize UX testing of SDV features. Seamlessly integrating virtual and mixed-reality test environments for software-defined vehicles, the introduces a paradigm shift in the way automotive features are developed and validated.

About digital.autoverse.jpg

See the in action for easier SDV testing

Navigating the dynamic landscape of software-defined vehicle development presents a series of challenges:

  • Long development and test cycles within Electrical/Electronic (E/E) and Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) platforms.

  • High costs tied to physical test environments.

  • Limited visibility into the desirability and useability of new digital/physical vehicle features until Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

  • Disconnection between product managers and developers from the user community.

The solution: the

Envision a landscape where software-defined vehicle features undergo virtual testing, in an immersive, scalable, and customer-centric environment. This is the essence of the, addressing the challenges of automotive development head-on!

Want to learn more about the #autoverse?

Watch our SDV Unplugged webinar free and on-demand for a deep dive into the and get first-hand insights from our experts.

The #autoverse benefits at a glance:

  • Eliminate costly physical test dependencies, virtualizing the entire process from ideation to delivering a new digital vehicle experience.

  • Immerse stakeholders in a dynamic virtual 3D environment, connecting software-driven experiences to hardware interactions for realistic testing.

  • Engage directly with communities, cultivating fan bases for global crowdtesting, beta testing, and rapid feedback integration , enabling early end-user validation and comprehensive testing at scale.

Enhancing UX validation with the #autoverse

UX validation_edited.jpg

Comprehensive UX validation through structured tests, community engagement, and global focus groups enhance the user experience and foster continuous innovation in automotive development.

The is a blueprint for the #autoverse, the perfect virtual reality environment to pursue all kind of UX validation.


Interested? Join us as an early adopter!

We are looking for innovative OEMs who want to virtualize their UX vehicle experience testing. 

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