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Keyvisual of the hybrid hackathon on software-defined vehicles
co-creation challenge

A hybrid hackathon for software-defined vehicle solutions.

About the challenge

As the initiative we aim to enable the mobility community to realize the software-defined vehicle vision. This is what this co-innovation challenge is all about: to develop digital, future proven software-defined vehicle solutions for drivers.

The hybrid hackathon is open for everyone* with ideas for innovative software-defined vehicle solutions! So, no matter if you are a student, an experienced developer, or a mobility enthusiast – submit your idea and become part of our community.

Our hackathon is taking place in a hybrid format. This means you can decide if you want to join and collaborate online or on-site in Heilbronn.

In our challenges we provide you with a great set of tools, components, methods and experts in order to develop future proven solutions. Therefore, you have everything you need to explore, prototype, test, validate and develop your ideas.

And, participation pays off: the winning teams will be invited to present their live demo at Bosch’s biggest conference on AIoT and Digital Transformation: Bosch ConnectedWorld. So be prepared for an award ceremony with Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung and Landing AI CEO Andrew Ng and to introduce your results to 10.000 Bosch decision makers and AI thought leaders.

Do you need more details? Watch our introduction video or send us a message

Please note the terms & conditions and data protection notice for the co-creation challenge.

*To allow a fair competition, we can only consider ideas from individuals, who are not employed from one of our partners.


Get an introduction

from our partners

Introduction video
SDV Unplugged webinar

Selected teams were promoted  | Dec 5, 2023

Final presentation

Award ceremony at the Bosch ConnecedWorld 2024

Introduction & kick-off

We are introducing the challenge concept, the single challenges, what to expect and what's up next.

The roadmap


4 phases of the co-creation challenge.

Our co-creation challenge is structured into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Exploration & Application

Participants were allowed to submit their application until Sep 15, 2023.  The best teams have been selected based on team experiences and qualifications in the field, the business potential of their ideas, the motivation & expectation for our in-cabin sensing co-innovation challenge.

Please note that the application period is already over.

Phase 2: Online Prototyping

From all applications our jury will be selecting the top 8 ideas. Those teams will be equipped with  either Arduino Nicla Sense ME or BME688 Dev Kits from Bosch Sensortec to create their  prototypes. Additionally, each team will receive AWS credits worth $ 999.  Experts from the Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute and the Bosch Startup Harbour will guide them along the way and Landing AI will extend the LandingLens trial accounts. 

Phase 3: Proof of Concept

The best team per challenge will be selected to continue with phase 3, in which they will further develop their  concepts and prototypes with the partners. Besides, early start-ups will have the option to join the Bosch Startup Harbour accelerator program.

The winning teams of each challenge will be announced in a live webinar with Stefan Hartung, CEO, Bosch and Andrew Ng, CEO Landing AI.

Phase 4: Final Presentation

Finally, it is time for the best teams of each category to present their pilot projects. Therefore, a professional pitch trainer will coach them to be ready for the show. One representative per team will join us at Bosch ConnectedWorld, Bosch’s biggest conference on AIoT and Digital Transformation. In Berlin we will have an exclusive award ceremony with Bosch CEO, Stefan Hartung and Landing AI CEO, Andrew Ng and the representatives can demonstrate their idea at the booth.

The categories

Autobahn GmbH Logo
Data-driven innovations for the Autobahn

We search for innovative solutions that support the management of the network and traffic.

CARIAD logo black
In-Cabin AI & DT Challenge

On the way to the Human Centered SDV. 
AI and Digital Twins of the occupants to enable future safety, comfort and entertainment features. Could the metaverse provide new ways for future business models?

Challenges & Teams

Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes (short: the Autobahn GmbH) is one of the largest infrastructure operators in Germany and is responsible for over 13,000 kilometers of motorway network in Germany. In addition to planning, construction, maintenance and traffic management, our task is also to deliver over 4.500 high-power charging points along our road network.

The Autobahn GmbH aims at increasing the usability, safety and sustainability of the motorway network, motivated by advanced developments in the fields of energy transition, digitization and climate protection.

We search for innovative solutions that support the management of the network and traffic and create additional value to the users.

Solutions shall comply with highest European data-security standards and anonymous data collection is key.

Our innovation team will stand side-by-side with you to mentor you and to set-up the required connections to our expert network for further validation and feedback for your concepts. On top of that, we are prepared to offer validation of your concepts by testing it on our motorway network.

Keyvisual of hybrid hackathon

Data-driven innovations for the Autobahn

Sponsored by Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

The Co-Creation Challenge made it to Phase 2: Online Prototyping.

The following startups, selected by Die Autobahn GmbH, made the cut.

Die Autobahn

Thinkz harnesses the power of Real-Time Data, transforming IoT data into AI-validated real-time information for Mobility, Smart Cities and Businesses industries in order to make better decisions based on AI verified real-time information.

Thinkz’s cloud-based SaaS platform utilizes a proprietary Live Data Verification (LDV) technology, facilitating the gathering, merging, and authentication of all types of IoT protocols, aiming to create the world's first global real-time IoT data network.

CIF - Charging is Fun

Utilizing vehicles as real-time data sensors, CIF makes Charging fun through a unified open data model, enhancing charging infrastructure utilization and user experience across the e-mobility ecosystem.

Supernova IC

Supernova IC is building an AI powered solution that can improve the highways' quality. It can detect cracks and prevent potholes or bigger degradation challenges in advanced. The solution is based on camera data and computer vision models. is a specialized no-code platform designed for building mobility-focused apps without coding expertise. With a nativecompatibility with vehicles and smartphones, it enables users to rapidly deploy cost-effective solutions tailored to the mobility sector.

Keyvisual hackathon

In-Cabin AI & DT Challenge

Sponsored by CARIAD

We are looking for innovative startups that will create the vehicle applications of the future. Leverage your creativity by taking vehicle data through vehicle APIs and using AI to improve driver or passenger experiences in and around vehicles.


To support the development of your prototype and business concept, we will connect you with our internal and external expert network for mentoring and guidance along the way. We furthermore can connect you to our experts driving various open source software projects as well as open vehicle APIs (VSS) for the software-defined vehicle.

We are an automotive software and technology company that bundles together Volkswagen Group's software competencies and further expands them, building upon a heritage of bringing automotive innovation to everyone.

The Co-Creation Challenge made it to Phase 2: Online Prototyping.

The following startups, selected by CARIAD, made the cut.

Advanced Algorithmus for radar

A4Radar provides radar-based sensors with acquisition and processing in real time, for unattended non-contact detection and monitoring of cardiopulmonary activity.

Blueskye AI

Blueskeye AI's B-Automotive SDK is a lightweight, easy to integrate platform and hardware agnostic technology that allows automotive manufacturers to detect and assess medically relevant facially expressed behavior using pre-existing cameras and microphones in car.

This allows the measurement of mood and mental state in cabin generating data insights, allowing increased personalisation and driving customer satisfaction.


SiWeGO is a start-up that fills and sells the spare space of any vehicle with real-time matching between shippers and drivers who already have to cover the same route as goods. is a specialized no-code platform designed for building mobility-focused apps without coding expertise. With a nativecompatibility with vehicles and smartphones, it enables users to rapidly deploy cost-effective solutions tailored to the mobility sector.

On-Demand Session

Watch the first results in our "SDV Unplugged" session
from December 5, 2023.

Our challenge sponsors

Logo Autobahn GmbH
CARIAD logo black

Our co-creation challenge is enabled by our two main partners: Die Autobahn GmbH and CARIAD. They set the innovation challenge, provide experts and tools and consult the teams along the way. 

Our contributors

Logo Arduino
Bosch Sensortec
Logo Bosch Startup Harbour
Logo AWS
Logo Steinbeis Institut
Logo Audi
Logo Landing AI

Co-innovation is driven through the contribution and collaboration of  partners. Therefore, a big thanks goes to our partners, who contribute with tools, expertise, methods and much more. 

Our selected startups

Partnerlogos_200x200px_Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar_farbe.png
Partnerlogos_200x200px_Supernova IC_farbe.png
Partnerlogos_200x200px_BlueSkeye AI_farbe.png

Do you have questions?

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